Little Free Libraries of Lebanon

The Learning to CARE Institute is encouraging groups and individuals to establish Little Free Libraries throughout Lebanon.

The Mission of Little Free Libraries is:
•    To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide.
•    To build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity, and wisdom across generations
•    To build more than 2,510 libraries around the world - more than Andrew Carnegie--and then more.  

Actually over 5000 Little Free Libraries have been built worldwide - three of these, so far, are registered in the Arab World - the first in Qatar, the second in Lebanon (Tripoli), and the third in the UAE. While the libraries in Qatar and the UAE were developed by expatriates, the one in Lebanon was established by Lebanese, as a Global Youth Service Days project in 2013.

The Little Free Library in Tripoli was a Global Youth Service Days project of an Access group of AMIDEAST led by Noha Samad. It is located in front of La Plaka restaurant on Maarad Street and has its own Facebook page "A Small Window to the World". It is also on the Little Free Library world map.

Full information about how to build a Little Free Library, the responsibilities of a steward, and much, much more, see And to view many more examples of Little Free Libraries, go to and type in "Little Free Library images" or click here.

As noted below, we have 8 charter signs and registrations to give away for free. To actually receive the charter sign and number, you need to provide evidence that the library has been built, installed in Lebanon, and a steward for the library has been designated.  Please take pictures at every stage in the process of building your Little Free Library. We hope to present the project of building Little Free Libraries in Lebanon on our website and at regional volunteer conferences.

Volunteer Opportunity
Build a Little Free Library for Your Community
Build Day - December 28

The Learning to CARE Institute held its first Little Free Library Build Day in Beirut in partnership with AltCity ( on December 28, 2014. Teams came together to build their Little Free Library for their community. We plan to hold other LFL Build Days in the future in different areas of Lebanon.

Basic tools and some paints are be provided at the Build Day.





Little Free Library Build-It-Yourself Kit

You are welcome to build your own Little Free Library out of your own materials - or you can order a Little Free Library kit which includes all the pre-cut pieces of wood, hardware, screws, and plexigShed boxlass  to be assembled and painted. It does not include paints or mounting support, although information will be provided. Cost $150.





The first 8 Little Free Libraries to be installed will also be given a free 2.5″ by 13″ official charter sign and number

which allow you to have your library included on the online map (a savings of almost $40).  

To arrange for the Learning to CARE Institute to organize a Little Free Libraries Build Day in your area and/or to Order a Little Free Library Kit Contact:

Dr. Patricia Nabti