Volunteer Centers

IAVE organized the first Global Convening of Volunteer Centers at the 22nd IAVE World Volunteer Conference in London in December 2012. The event was the first step in IAVE plans to create a network of National Volunteer Centers by the time of the 23rd IAVE World Volunteer Conference which is scheduled to be held in Gold Coast, Australia, 15-20 September 2014.
Does your country have what could be called a “National Volunteer Center” or any local volunteer centers?
By volunteer centers, we mean organizations or institutions that do some or all of the following:

  • Connect those who wish to volunteer with volunteer opportunities
  • Provide training in how to be a good volunteer
  • Provide training in volunteer management and the development of volunteer programs
  • Promote volunteering in public forums and the media
  • Provide leadership on public issues relating to volunteering
  • Provide resources and information about volunteering
  • Undertake research on volunteering
  • Provide networking opportunities for leaders in volunteering
  • Have a physical office location, a budget, a governing or advisory body, and staff (paid or volunteer; full or part time)

A national volunteer center is an organization or institution that does some or all of those things for the whole country, or at least many different regions of the country.
Four national volunteer centers from the Arab region attended the Global Convening of Volunteer Centers at the London conference: Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. If you know of such an organization in any other country of the Arab region, please send us their contact information.