In March 2011, the Association for Volunteer Services hosted the First IAVE Regional Volunteer Conference for The Arab Nations  in Beirut, Lebanon. At the conference, the Youth Forum came up with a youth initiative called “Arab Youth Forum for Volunteering" which has an abbreviation in Arabic of  “شمعة Shamaa” (candle).
The goal of  Shamaa is to serve the Arab world via volunteering and especially youth volunteering. Because we - the youth - believe that the Arab world is in need of our support and efforts to rise up to high levels. Is there a better way than volunteering?!
We look at Shamaa as group of youth from the different countries in the Arab world who gathered under one spirit, which is serving the community through volunteering. And as we all know that the candle burns itself to light the way for others, we will be doing the same, giving of ourselves to our communities.