Launching the Blog - GYSD 2012

With this post, I am launching the Learning to CARE Blog, which I hope will serve at least some of the needs and interests of those who promote volunteering in Lebanon, the Arab region, and worldwide. Friday will begin three days of youth service worldwide as part of Global Youth Service Day(s) - April 20-21-22, 2012.

I have been promoting GYSD since 2001, as an opportunity for youth to feel a sense of solidarity with other youth around the world who are planting trees, cleaning parks and beaches, helping those who are elderly, poor, or have various disabilities, and otherwise contributing to the improvement of their societies and the world. My own mission in promoting GYSD has been to empower youth to plan and develop their own projects (see How to Plan and Implement a Project), to have projects that are truly a genuine service to others, and to have youth approach projects with a commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. It is not too late to submit a project to the international website:, and for those in Lebanon to also submit it at . While it is important for youth to participate in GYSD, it is far more important for them to make service to others and to their environment a habit that stays with them all throughout their lives.