Interest Form/نموذج الاهتمام

Interest Form Below /انتقل لأسفل لنموذج للتعبير

Has your organization or service institution ever had difficulty recruiting volunteers? or had a bad experience with volunteers? or with volunteer/staff relations? Would your school or university like to improve its service program? or your company want a stronger and better corporate volunteer program which engages all your employees and supports your company while it supports your society?

Training sessions in Volunteer Management, Corporate Volunteering, and School Volunteer and Community Service Programs will be offered by the Learning to CARE Institute between May 18 and June 13. Through these training sessions you can learn how to improve existing programs and develop new ones that are strong, effective and beneficial to all involved. To express your interest and preferences, complete the Interest Form below no later than May 8 at This will give you the opportunity to state the days and times that suit you best. It also offers your organization the opportunity to host the sessions in return for free participation. The listing of actual sessions with dates and venues will be posted publicly on May 10.

Dr. Patricia Nabti, who will be providing the training, has worked in the field of volunteerism for 17 years. She founded and directed the Association for Volunteer Services for 14 years, and has had her own consulting firm, the Learning to CARE Institute, for two years. She is the Regional Representative for the Arab Nations for the International Association for Volunteer Services (IAVE). She has written two books available in Arabic and English on volunteerism: Learning to CARE: Education, Volunteering, and Community Service and Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region. And she has provided consulting on volunteerism, not only in Lebanon, but also in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Syria. She is the first, and currently only one of two people with their CVA in the Arab region (Certified Volunteer Administrator) - the other is in Saudi Arabia. Training for these sessions will primarily be in English, but PowerPoint slides will be bilingual Arabic/English and handouts will be available in both languages.

Engaging Volunteers

This is a form to express interest in:

1) Training programs in volunteerism offered in Lebanon by the Learning to CARE Institute and

2) Volunteer Lebanon as well as other possible initiatives in Lebanon to promote volunteering for which the Learning to CARE Institute and IAVE Lebanon are willing to provide initial leadership, but which may then become independent initiatives of those participating in them.

Please complete it in either English or Arabic. You may scan and mail the completed form to or complete the form online at


إنخراط المتطوّعين

هذا نموذج للتعبير عن الاهتمام في:


1) برامج التدريب في مجال العمل التطوعي عرضت في لبنان من قبل معهد تعلم الاهتمام و


2) تطوّعوا لللبنان والمبادرات الممكنة في لبنان لتعزيز العمل التطوعي الذي من معهد تعلم الاهتمام وIAVE لبنان على استعداد لتوفير القيادة الأولي، ولكن قد تصبح بعد ذلك مبادرات مستقلة عن تلك التي تشارك فيها.


يرجى إتمام ذلك إما باللغة الإنجليزية أو العربية. تستطيع مسح وإرسال النموذج المعبأ إلى أو ملء استمارة على الانترنت في


Personal Information/المعلومات الشخصية
Organization Info/معلومات عن المنظمة
Training / التدريب
I am interested in being sent information about the following training programs that will be offered in May and June of 2015. Reduced rates are available for more than one person from an organization or signing up for more than one training program. أنا مهتم في أن يتم إرسالي معلومات حول البرامج التدريبية التالية في أيار وحزيران. تخفيض معدلات لأكثر من شخص واحد من كل منظمة أو الاشتراك في برنامج تدريب لأكثر من شخص.ـ
Other Interests/اهتمامات أخرى
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