GYSD Participation Guidelines

Global Youth Service Days 2015 - April 17-18-19

YOUth Can Make a Difference!

Guidelines for Participation of Schools and Youth Groups in GYSD Lebanon 2015

1) Dates of Service: Service projects must take place during the three days of Global Youth Service Days. They may take place totally within those three days, or they may begin, end, or be part of a larger project that the youth are engaged in. In all cases, GYSD must be recognized during the service event. Just as Mother’s Day is celebrated only one day each year, but children should honor their mothers all year long – GYSD is only three days long, but is a campaign to motivate youth to volunteer throughout the year.

2) All youth (5-25 years old): We encourage every class and club in every school and university in Lebanon, as well as every youth group (every branch of Scouts, Murshidat, Leo, Rotaract, etc.) to do a service project during Global Youth Service Days.

3) Expanding the circle of service: We invite older and more experienced youth groups/classes to double the impact of their involvement in GYSD by inviting younger youths to participate with them in a project. And we invite the most experienced youth groups to help other youth (individuals or groups) who have not participated yet in service projects to do a service project this year, providing them with the guidance they need throughout the process of planning, implementation, and reporting.

4) Crossing social barriers: Groups are encouraged, but not required, to do their project in a different region of the country (muhafazat) and do the project for and with people who are different from the youth in some socially significant way (such as age, ability, nationality, or religious sect).

5) Youth empowerment: Adult leaders and youths should select and plan their project together—giving as much choice and responsibility to the youth participants as possible. (See “How to Plan and Implement a Project” in the Participation Guide).

6) Project ideas: We encourage participating groups to review the “Ideas for Service Projects” before they decide on their project.

7) Listing your project on the GYSD website:


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GYSD Lebanon Participation Guidelines
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How to Plan and Implement a Project
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