Global Youth Service Days 2013

Hi again - I'm on a roll! I figured the best way to avoid another long period of silence is to jump right in and write again. I want to encourage you all to participate in Global Youth Service Days ("Day", if you're in the US, though the celebration actually lasts for 3 days). It will be April 26-28 this year, with youth from around the world developing service projects in the coming months that are implemented during those three days. For more information on GYSD Lebanon click here, and for info on GYSD worldwide click here. "Youth" here means 5-25 - really, 25 and under, since I've seen some great projects done by pre-schoolers. But if you're over 25 you can guide and inspire youth to do a project. A couple of resources that might be helpful are Project Ideas and How to Plan and Implement a Project, which you can find here. I'll try to have the Arabic versions of those on my site by next week. I'll also have info on two great projects I'm encouraging groups to get involved in: the Little Free Libary campaign and Make the Cut (collecting pony tails to make natural hair wigs for cancer patients). I'll feature each of those in a future blog entry.