Encouraging Mughtaribeen to Volunteer

Do you know an organization, service institution, school, university, municipality, or government ministry in Lebanon that could engage one-time or short-term volunteers between November 15 and January 15? Have you/they ever considered recruiting visiting mughtaribeen to volunteer? A new magazine will be launched in September for people of Lebanese heritage around the world. Its first issue, HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, will target those who are coming home to Lebanon this Christmas season with features on the cultural scene, family and kids' activities, gifts, outings, dining, festive recipes, shopping and much more. The Learning to CARE Institute is partnering with Pidraya on this project by providing the magazine with an article encouraging the returning Lebanese and their families to volunteer. And it will provide information on volunteer opportunities to fit people of different ages, interests, and regions of the country.

While the issue's title mentions Christmas - this is only meant to denote the time of year, since we would like to have opportunities for all those returning, regardless of their religious identity.  Some opportunities might be for individual volunteers, some for groups, and some for intergenerational volunteering, so that members of a family volunteer could together as a special shared experience. Some of the volunteer opportunities might need special skills, expertise, or knowledge, while others could be done by anyone. 

To learn more about the project and how the profile and volunteer opportunities of your organization or institution can be included in this very special publication, click here.