The Learning to CARE Institute (LTCI) is partnering with Pidraya (see below) in their production of a magazine targeted to مغتربين (Mughtaribeen - people of Lebanese heritage) returning to Lebanon during different seasons of the year. They plan to launch the magazine with an issue called HOME FOR CHRISTMAS for those coming to Lebanon over the Christmas holidays (November 15-January 15), with future issues focused on Ramadan and Summer 2015.

LTCI will draft an article for the magazine about volunteering of the mughtaribeen, appropriate to the season and to their circumstances. And we would then like to provide a list of at least 20 volunteer opportunities of different sorts to fit people of different ages, interests, and regions of the country. While the issue's title mentions Christmas - this is only meant to denote the time of year, since we would like to have opportunities for all those returning, regardless of their religious identity.  Some opportunities might be for individual volunteers, some for people who would volunteer in groups. Some could be opportunities for intergenerational volunteering, so that members of a family volunteer could together as a special shared experience. Some of the volunteer opportunities might need special skills, expertise, or knowledge, while others could be done by anyone.

The institutions that host the volunteers can be organizations, service institutions, schools, universities, municipalities, or government ministries.

What could the volunteers do? Paint ... Plant ... Sew ... Visit the elderly ...Help those with disabilities ... Build or renovate a building ... Clean and improve a park ... Play with children ... Translate  ... Develop a website ... Sing ... Dance ... Juggle ... Read to the blind ... Visit the sick ... Give a presentation ... Teach a skill ... Visit people in prison ... Help refugees or other displaced people ... Write a proposal ... Join an advocacy campaign.

The possibiltiies are endless. But all the opportunities should give the volunteers the opportunity to feel that they made a positive difference in the country.

This first issue of the magazine will only be in English, and our communications with the participating organizations or institutions will be in English, but hopefully future editions will be in Arabic as well as other languages of the Lebanese diaspora. That does not mean that the volunteer opportunities have to be in English. Specific language fluency can be one of the details to be listed in the requirements for the position. (for example, volunteer must be fluent in Arabic, or French, or Armenian)

This is a great opportunity to be featured in a publication viewed by mughtaribeen throughout the world, with a profile of the organization or institution, a description of the volunteer opportunities, other contact information, and possibly a few pictures. This information will also be listed online.

We are also giving the participating organizations and agencies the opportunity to list some things that the mughtaribeen could bring with them to support programs in Lebanon (such as books for schools or public libraries, eyeglass frames, clothes, or children's toys).

Below, I have provided information about HOME FOR CHRISTMAS as well as about Pidraya in both English and Arabic.

If your organization, service institution, school, university, municipality, or government ministry. is interested in having your volunteer opportunities listed, please CLICK HERE to complete a brief information form as soon as possible. We will then send you a separate link to list your volunteer opportunities. There will be no charge for this service.

Dr. Patricia Nabti
Director, Learning to CARE Institute



HOME FOR CHRISTMAS has all the info you need to know for spending Christmas and New Years' Season in Lebanon joining the ceremonial  with the "giving back" side of life in Lebanon with articles on Volunteering and information on volunteer opportunities, as well as coverage of philanthropic activities of the Corporate Sector throughout the year. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS will cover  the cultural scene, family and kids' activities, home decoration, municipality decoration, gifts, outings, dining, festive recipes, shopping and lifestyle.

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS comes in high quality printed and online versions.

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS will reach every newsstand in Lebanon and will have a considerable online footprint as well.

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS  is unique in addressing not only the Lebanese living in Lebanon but the Lebanese diaspora and tourists as well.

The 2014 issue will be launched by a press conference during the last week of October.


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS مجلة سنوية تتضمن كل المعلومات اللتي تحتاج معرفتها لقضاء عيد الميلاد ورأس السنة في لبنان من الأحداث الثقافية ، نشاطات للأسرة والاطفال ترفيه، زينة المنازل وزينة البلديات، الهدايا والمطاعم والتسوق  ووصفات مائدة العيد. ميزة هذه المجلة أنها تتضمن مقالات الأعمال التطوعية ومعلومات عن  فرص التطوع ليتم المعنى الحقيقي للعيد. وهي أيضاً تتضمن نشاطات ومعلومات عن المسؤلية الإجتماعية للشركات على مدار السنة.

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS هي ذات جودة عالية في الطباعة والمضمون ومتوفرة على الانترنت وستوزع على كل الأراضي اللبنانية ونبذات منها ستعرض بتواصل على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي.   

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS تتوجه إلى اللبناني المقيم في لبنان واللبناني المغترب، بالإضافة إلى السائح . سيتم إطلاق عدد ٢٠١٤ من خلال مؤتمر صحفي  في الأسبوع الأخير من تشرين الأول.


ABOUT PIDRAYA (http://www.pidraya.net/)

PIDRAYA is a visionary social enterprise promoting sustainable development. It is guided by the principle of supporting divergent thinking and society's advancement through arts, cultural events and active cross-sector partnership between public, private, nonprofit, for-profit, civic and government sectors. 

PIDRAYA is a member of the Business Network of the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) with Clients such as Lloyds Banking Group, Unilever, Oxford City Council, University of British Columbia, White Stuff Foundation, World Business for Sustainable Development, Mercedes Benz, EFG, Oracle, Shell, Baker Hughes, ZAIN, Whole Foods, North Face, Vanity Fair, Entrepreneur.


بيدرايا  (http://www.pidraya.net)

بيدرايا هي شركة ذات هدف اولآ اجتماعي تقوم بمشاريع لنشر ثقافة التنمية المستدامة.

پيدرايا تؤمن بتطور المجتمعات من خلال الفنون الجميلة والأحداث الثقافية التي تنظمها وتؤمن بالشراكة بين القطاع الخاص والعام والمجتمع المدني. 


بيدرايا هي عضو في شبكة الأعمال للاستدامة (CSE) التي عملت على مشاريع استشارية لشركات مثل مجموعة لويدز المصرفية، وشركة يونيليفر، مجلس مدينة أكسفورد، جامعة كولومبيا البريطانية، ومرسيدس بنز، وأوراكل، وشركة شيل، زين و فانيتي فير.