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Encouraging Mughtaribeen to Volunteer

Do you know an organization, service institution, school, university, municipality, or government ministry in Lebanon that could engage one-time or short-term volunteers between November 15 and January 15? Have you/they ever considered recruiting visiting mughtaribeen to volunteer? A new magazine will be launched in September for people of Lebanese heritage around the world.

Why attend the Monday event?

The event this Monday (March 10, 2-4 pm at AltCity) is a special opportunity for NGOs, schools and universities, companies, and individuals to learn how to become more interconnected with the world of volunteering beyond our borders. The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) is one of the international programs you will learn about on Monday. I will be joined by two colleagues who will also be speaking on Monday. All three of us attended the Second IAVE Regional Volunteer Conference that was held in Oman this past November.

Engaging Volunteers - Orientation Event March 10

I am finding that committing to a blog is a lot more difficult than it sounds, but I am going to try again now. And hopefully from now on, I will keep writing every few days. Since I blogged last, I coordinated The Second IAVE Regional Volunteer Conference for the Arab Region in Oman (November 2013) with some 300 leaders in volunteering from throughout the region (

Global Youth Service Days 2013

Hi again - I'm on a roll! I figured the best way to avoid another long period of silence is to jump right in and write again. I want to encourage you all to participate in Global Youth Service Days ("Day", if you're in the US, though the celebration actually lasts for 3 days).

Commiting to be a blogger

I started this blog on April 17, 2012 with great hopes that I would add to it on a regular basis. I can't believe that it took until now - March 4, 2013 - to write my second blog entry. I wonder if other would-be bloggers have such a terrible false start. It's not that I had nothing to say. My problem was that I didn't make a serious commitment to this means of communicating with others, knowing that my audience would be small at first.

Launching the Blog - GYSD 2012

With this post, I am launching the Learning to CARE Blog, which I hope will serve at least some of the needs and interests of those who promote volunteering in Lebanon, the Arab region, and worldwide. Friday will begin three days of youth service worldwide as part of Global Youth Service Day(s) - April 20-21-22, 2012.

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