Arab Participation in London Conference 2012

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22nd IAVE World Volunteer Conference
London, December 10-12, 2012
Leading Tomorrow’s Global Volunteer Community – Together

Focus on Arab Regional Participation

Featured in Online Media
Pictures from the Conference


Over 400 people attended the conference from 70 countries worldwide. They included 23 participants from 10 Arab countries:  6 from Saudi Arabia, 5 from Kuwait, 2 each from Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and Tunisia, and one each from Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, and the UAE. We were 25 if we count the woman from Colombia of Lebanese heritage, Raaida Mannaa, who we adopted into our delegation and the representative of UPS on the Global Corporate Volunteer Council (Ed Martinez)  whose mother is Lebanese.

The participants from the region included 5 IAVE National Representatives (Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, and Qatar  + the UAE), four representatives of national volunteer centers (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE), and five representatives of corporate volunteering (Hikma Pharmaceuticals in Jordan, National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia, and  3 from HP in Morocco and Tunisia. There would have been five more participants from a total of 13 countries, but two people from Kuwait who registered did not attend, and the three National Representatives from Algeria, Sudan, and Yemen could not get visas in time. Moussa, Osama, and Hasan – we really missed you! Four of the participants gave presentations: Ismail Abu Arafeh from Palestine, Dr. Salem Aldini from KSA, Ahmed Almershed from Kuwait, and me.

All in all, we had a great opportunity to network among ourselves and meet people committed to promoting volunteering from around the world.


Featured in Online Media

Check out the report in Arabic from the Sanaya Club youth participants of Kuwait and over 1500 pictures of the conference on the IAVE website:

From the UAE:

Pictures from the Conference
Direct link to the Full gallery with more details is here.


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