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General Information

IAVE National Representatives form a global network of organizations and individuals promoting volunteering in their own countries and regions, and meeting globally during IAVE World Volunteer Conferences. We now have eight national representatives in the Arab region, from: Algeria, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Sudan, and Yemen.  IAVE prefers that the IAVE National Representative of a country is a national organization that promotes volunteering. Ideally, it would be a national volunteer center, but where such a center or organization focused on volunteering does not exist, the National Representative may be an organization like Red Crescent which engages a lot of volunteers. And if that isn't possible, IAVE may appoint an individual who will actively promote volunteering in his/her country and identify individuals and organizations to be invited to IAVE regional and world conferences.

While an organization or individual does not have to be an IAVE member when the application is submitted, once appointed, the National Representative (individual or organization - and ideally, both) must be an IAVE member throughout the period of being the National Representative.

The responsibilities of the position are to:

•    Promote IAVE as a worldwide leadership organization for volunteering
•    Serve as a representative and advocate for IAVE in your country.
•    Act as a main point of contact for IAVE and IAVE members in your country.
•    Support and develop IAVE membership in appropriate ways in your country.
•    Build contacts for IAVE in other key agencies and organizations in your country.
•    Encourage active participation in IAVE regional and world conferences.

Being a member of IAVE is an important way to network with others committed to promoting volunteering in your country, your region and worldwide through meetings and conferences. It also provides information about resources that can support your work, and provides a forum for you to share your own knowledge and experience. Being an IAVE National Representative provides you and your organization with a leadership role in volunteerism – and provides a mechanism for bringing together those involved in volunteering that may not otherwise exist in your country. IAVE tries to provide financial support for National Representatives that cannot otherwise attend IAVE regional or international conferences.

We would like to have a national representative in every country of the Arab world. If your country does not have one and you are interested in the position, please contact Dr. Patricia Nabti, the IAVE Regional Representative for the Arab Nations (and Director of the Learning to CARE Institute): pnabti@learningtocare.com.

Current IAVE National Representatives in the Arab Region

Doha Association

Ahmad Almershed
Kuwait Voluntary Work Center

Safaa (Sophie) El-Makkaoui
Sidon Orphan Welfare Society

Barka Shahabal-Al Barky
Al Noor Association for the Blind

Ismail Abu Arafeh

Yousef al-Kazim
Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities
qcfva@qatar.net.qa, yalkazim9@hotmail.com

Osama Mustafa Suliman
Sudanese Red Crescent

Hasan Bakoben
Youth Initiative Foundation