Beirut Folk Dance Society

Beirut Folk Dance Society

Do you enjoy dancing? Are you tired of going to the same old places? Are you craving for an alternative night out in Beirut? If so, then the Beirut Folk Dance Society is for you! Check out our Facebook page at

Our dances include contra dances from the US, Caelidh (kay-lee) dances from Scotland, Greek and Texas line dances, and much more. And while we don't teach "ballroom dancing", you will learn to polka, swing, and waltz for some of the dances. The dances we choose are lively folk dances that anyone can take part in. No need for experience or gender balance. An experienced ‘caller’ will guide you through the steps, before and throughout the music, until the group feels comfortable with the sequences.

While people are encouraged to come every session, it's not a requirement, since we always dance a mix of dances we've learned before, along with new ones. And even the dances from previous sessions will be taught again from scratch. Come with a spirit to try new things without fear of making mistakes - we all do, and that's part of the fun! Get ready for an evening of fun, sweat, and laughs - we guarantee you will leave wanting more.

We meet from 7-10 pm at the Greek Community Cultural Center in Dekwaneh, Parallel Towers, Bloc A, 3rd Floor (Near Freeway Centre). The first half hour will always be to teach beginners, with dances getting progressively more difficult throughout the evening.Just $10/person (pay when you come) for an evening of fun, including parking. People of all ages (10-100) are welcome. While most of our participants are in the 20-40 range, we have had a couple of dancers in their 80s. As for the younger set, 10 years old is probably the lower limit for really following the dance patterns and staying engaged throughout the evening.

If you want to bring water, wine, beer or snacks for yourself or to share with others (preferably in reusable or recyclable containers), you are welcome to do it, but we need to take away everything we bring on the basis of Leave No Trace.

Our main dance leader and caller is Patricia Nabti who coordinated the AUB Folk Dance Festival for four years. We also have a number of guest leaders, including Marilena Caponis (Greek dances) and Seb Kracun (Scottish dances).


Please check all days you could possibly participate - not just the ones you prefer.
Please check all the times you could possibly participate - not just the ones you prefer.
Any comments are welcome here. Your dance experience (folk or formal)....If you have a venue you could offer ... or would like to help teach/call dances.