Developing New Resources

Volunteering through the Alphabet  is a book that Patricia Nabti is working on with the help of many friends. Each page of the book features a different letter of the alphabet with a sentence in which all (or most) words start with that letter other than الـ    or words like مع- و - لـ - على - في.

Here are some examples:

 ج - جمعت جمانة جوز وجزر لجميع الجيران الجائعين.
 ح - حا
فظت حياة على الحديقة الحلوة في الحارة.
 ن - نظّمت ناديا نشاطًا نموذجيًا وناجحًا لنظافة النادي

You are invited to help.   She still needs sentences for the following letters:

ب   ث   د   ذ   س   ظ   ق   ك   ل   هـ   و


You Can Write a Children’s Books on Volunteering

Almost everyone who is reading this page has a story to tell about volunteering that is situated in the Arab World. If we want our children to grow feeling that volunteering is a natural part of life, then we need to give them books to read in Arabic that encourage such feelings. What story could you write about volunteering? for what age group?  The Learning to CARE Institute invites you to send us a manuscript. And if you want to help sponsor such a program – to cover the costs of illustrating, graphic design, and printing for such books, or can provide these services as in-kind donations, please let us know.