Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region

Corp Vol Study


Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region
by Patricia Mihaly Nabti

العمل التطوّعي عبر الشركات في المنطقة العربيّة
با تريسيا ميهالي نبتي

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This study was written by Dr. Patricia Nabti as part of The Arab Initiative to Foster a Culture of Volunteering, in partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation which has published the Arabic edition of this book.

Hard copy of the Arabic edition is available in Lebanon from both LTCI and ATF, and can be mailed for the cost of postage and handling. Both the Arabic and English editions of this book are available online as e-books, here on the Learning to CARE Institute website, as well as from the Arab Thought Foundation website, free of charge:

Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region

العمل التطوّعي عبر الشركات في المنطقة العربيّة

The purpose of this study is to provide knowledge, inspiration, recognition, and guidance to support the development of one particular type of volunteering in the Arab region: volunteering which is undertaken by employees, their families, and their retired colleagues, with the knowledge, encouragement, and support of the companies they work for.

This study has been written to serve a diverse readership:
    • The company that has or wants to establish a corporate volunteer   program
    • The organization that would like to engage corporate volunteers
    • The individual who would like to be a corporate volunteer
    • The trainer in corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate volunteering

While corporate volunteering in the  Arab region is still in its early stages, the examples provided in this study  can serve as important models for others in expanding and improving corporate volunteering in the region.  The success of companies featured in this study is not related to their years of experience as much as it is to their commitment to their corporate volunteer program, their willingness to invest in consulting, training, planning, and management to effectively develop the program, and their determination to collaborate with all the stakeholders involved, particularly their employees and their community partners.

The study concludes with some important recommendations for companies, employees, actual and potential community partners, governments, university business schools, and other supporting institutions. These include recommendations to learn more about corporate volunteering worldwide, take training, network with others, share their own experiences, and benefit from the expertise of specialists in the field. It recommends the development of infrastructure to support volunteering across companies, the enactment of policies to support corporate volunteering, the integration of corporate volunteering in strategic planning, and the establishment of corporate volunteer councils at the local, national and regional level.

Table of Contents

I. Definitions and Background Information on Corporate Volunteering  
    What is Corporate Volunteering?
    Corporate Volunteering and CSR
    Benefits of Corporate Volunteering
    Forms of Company Support for Corporate Volunteering
    Types of Corporate Volunteering

II. Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region – Previous Research
    The State of Corporate Volunteering in Dubai
    Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey
    Global Companies Volunteering Globally                
       3.1. Seven Learnings

III. Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region – Current Study
    Methodology of This Study
    General Findings of the Study
    Types of Corporate Volunteering in the Arab Region
    Employee Volunteering Survey 2011
    In Depth Information on Four Categories of Stakeholders:  
           5.1. Companies whose employees engage in corporate volunteering
            • Abraaj Capital  
            • Aramex
            • Hikma Pharmaceuticals
            • Arab Bank
            • National Commercial Bank (Bank Al-Ahli)
            • Nawras
       5.2. Organizations Engaging Corporate Volunteers
            • INJAZ al-Arab
       5.3. Infrastructural Support for Corporate Volunteering  
            • ENGAGE Dubai
            • Volunteer in Dubai
             • Other Infrastructural Support
        5.4. Government Support for Corporate Volunteering
            • Arab Ministries of Education
            • Madrasati
            • Dubai Municipality
            • OMAN Volunteer Expo and Conference

IV. Recommendations   
    Recommendations for the Development of Corporate Volunteering
            • Companies
            • Employees
            • Actual and Potential Community Partners
            • Governments
            • University Business Schools
            • Other Supporting Institutions
    Recommendations for Future Research

V. Conclusions of the Study
    About the Arab Thought Foundation
    About the Author   

    A. Rights and Responsibilities  
    B. Employee Volunteering Survey 2011
    C. Companies Mentioned in the Report
    D. References for This Study
    E. Recommended Resources